The Rural Widow’s Survival, Independence and Empowerment

The Rural Widow’s Survival, Independence and Empowerment



Though global development prerequisites towards the sustainable development goals require that gender equality and the empowerment of women be significantly rudimentaryat all levels, several customary practices in rural areas are contrary and shortcoming, both in terms of cultural dispositions and local policy orientations. Meanwhile local government and other public authorities stay adamant in making effective changes in the domain of rights-based statuses of community women, especially those who lose their husbands, time is evolved enough for these victimized widows to be emancipated and rise to defend their rights for both socioeconomic and political empowerment within their community setups.

Facing some measures to address and eradicate the poor and degradable nature of therural widow’s status, especially those suffering from barbaric widowhood rites practices, this manual practically explains the what, who, why, where and when measures and considerations for the community widow towards ascertaining self-sustaining and rightsbased community support opportunities for her empowerment.

The practical book also targets the need to liberate rural widows through effective structural changes upon their traditional personalities. It makes distinctive considerations on how a victimized community widow can effectively engage herself in subsistence activities with little or no major resources, join or form widowhood group joint income yielding ventures, and partake in community advocacy group activities and networks to eradicate or ensure accountability measures on those who perpetrate barbaric widowhood rites acts within her community.

The content will serve well for women human rights activists, global development consideration stakeholders and victimized community widows who seek to obtain practical change for the wellbeing of widows and their orphaned children.

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