Anglophone’s Mindset in Conflict: reactions of Anglophones to AGC questionnaire – the RAAQ

Anglophone’s Mindset in Conflict: reactions of Anglophones to AGC questionnaire – the RAAQ



Amidst an intense violent conflict were opposing factions have taken extremist positions to the detriment of the vulnerable masses they claim to protect, through a secured channel that allows the concerned masses to air their views, the outcomes are always very amazing to some and shocking to others. Such a realistic opportunity exhumes the value of truth through factual individually recorded lamentations, anxieties, fallacies and verities construed in support for the
cause the individual believes in.

With the case of the Anglophone crisis and armed conflict within the English speaking regions of Cameroon, respondents acclaimed for a referendum, the return to a 2 state federation, as was the case between 1961-1972, decrying all evil levels of bad governance within the current ruling regime of the country, and exploded with reasons and more why they wanted an outright separation from the current Republic of Cameroon.

Over 1000 voices across 38 different countries, having indigenous origin roots from 13 divisions and 57 subdivisions within the NW and SW regions, and representing over 63 socio-cultural groups and other civil society organisations, lent their voices to the survey. At such ends, their individual views were sorted and analysed on the need to introduce moral philosophy in the educational system of the country, and the reconstruction of the Anglophone identity as an alternative to peaceful solutions to the “Anglophone Problem”.

Are the extremists’ war waging ideologies going to work, are they solicited by the majorities? “Facts are facts for it is the will and voices of the people in their vulnerable majorities that will triumph”, exclaimed the researcher. While encouraging the need for empowering more women and girls in the peace seeking courses, the researcher identified that the most burning need for the Anglophones was to reconstruct and revitalise their cultural identities and as well, proposed that the research work be instituted as an advocacy tool and a start-off reference point in seeking durable peace and development in the Anglophone conflict infested zones.

It is also a vital tool for further research works.

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