Indigenous People and Politics: A global analysis on indigenous people and politics

Indigenous People and Politics: A global analysis on indigenous people and politics



A global analysis on Indigenous Peoples and Politics is a unique and innovative literary manual that brings national and global politics on indigenous peoples closest to the intellect. It extensively highlights the indigenous worries of various ethnic peoples, around the world, and further provides strategic openings for
enhancing policy advocacy frameworks towards strengthening ties between the examined peoples and their national governments.

Across multicoloured textual and imagery demonstrations, the document exhumes the anthropological perspectives of Indigeneity through the human rights based contexts of tribal peoples as given in the ILO Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 (No. 169). It as well, carves out the world’s indigenous peoples within measurable regional regrouping dimensions and communicates the indigenous ethical contrasting and synonymy politics within the targeted national and regional zones.

It as well, provides an exclusive representation or inclusiveness of the world’s indigenous peoples. By such, this book overviews the indigenous and/or ethnic minority peoples’ Politico-Legal situations in over 14 zones including: South America, Russia as of whole, Central, East and South Asia, Middle East, North
America, the Arctic region, Australia, Eastern, Central, Northern, Southern, and Western Africa through an inclusive focus on over 400 indigenous peoples in over 70 countries

Rhetorically, the study is presented via three principal parts which include: Indigeneity, Anthropology, Political Transnationalism, and the analyses of Indigenous peoples outside Africa; the situation of indigenous peoples within Africa; and a summarized cross-sectional comparative study of the presented cases in the earlier parts.

Conclusively, the study proposes ameliorative positions with regard to the indigenous Self-Determinism and
Politics of Identification within the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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