• MAHSRA aspires to erase institutionalized and societal stigma against PLWHA and have societal leaders, including employers, adopt specific policies against the psychological health damaging effects on persons affected by the HIV/AIDS.

MAHSRA’s interventions within the HIV/AIDS domain are assessed through annual objectives, activities and impact measures.


  • Mobilize PLWHA into advocacy and social support groups of PLWHAs promoting anti-HIV stigma courses of action;
  • Organise awareness building events on anti-HIV stigma issues;
  • Introduce anti-stigma education measures within school milieus;
  • Build advocacy capacities for PLWHA support group members;
  • Liaise or network PLWHA support group leaders and government authorities, community leaders, employers and other community stake holders;
  • Produce and propagate programmed sensitive outreach materials on HIV/AIDS concerns;
  • Promote socioeconomic empowerment schemes for self-sustaining activism measures of concern activists over programmed ideologies.

Major Activities

  • Building support groups of PLWHA and training the support group members on advocacy and social development techniques to achieve their group objectives;
  • Organising outdoor and audiovisual media campaigns;
  • Organising institutional awareness building measures within various societal sectors;
  • Organising training workshops and advocacy meetings with PLWHAs and influential authorities and employers;
  • Producing and Publishing programmed sensitive outreach materials;
  • Providing income generating empowerment incentives for concerned and involved actors over programmed ideologies.

Impact Indicators

  • Assessment on the interactivity and multiplicity of interactions between support group members of PLWHA and other unconcerned persons and groups;
  • Assessments on the internal rules and regulations within educational institutions with respect to HIV/AIDS and stigmatization;
  • Assessments on the societal institutional regulations with respect to psychosocial stigma against PLWHAs;
  • Assessment on the self-initiated initiatives of socioeconomically empowered actors promoting programmed ideologies.
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