Leadership Roles

Articles 11.4  of  MAHSRA’s constitution and the modifications of 2012 bearing on the institution of the executive/officials in MAHSRA stipulates that:

The responsibility of each MAHSRA official is as follows:-

  • Be of good temperature, honest, with leadership qualities and having good knowledge of all areas of operation of MAHSRA;
  • Keeps an up to date register of members;
  • Represents MAHSRA in all acts of civil life;
  • Maintains accounts of individual member contributions to the reserves of MAHSRA;
  • Transmits in writing to the registration service, within 2 (two) months following the decision or approval of:
  • Any change of official(s) especially the Chief Executive Officer of MAHSRA;
  • The reports and accounts of the financial position of MAHSRA drawn up periodically;
  • Convenes and chairman all General/Extra-Ordinary General Meetings and executive meetings;
  • Must inform members regularly as concerns the management of MAHSRA’s activities as well as ensure the smooth functioning of the Organization;
  • Approved all expenditures;
  • Signs bank cheques;
  • Casts a second vote in case of a tie of votes casts.

Managing Director (MD)

  • In case of absence or inability to preside over any meeting duly convened by the chief Executive Officer, the Managing Director chairmans or presides over the said meeting;
  • Assists the Chief Executive Officer on administrative matters.

Secretary General (SG)

  • Is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer from among registered members, based on criteria of professional ethics on bureaucratic democracy and general management skills;
  • Must have an excellent knowledge of all areas of operations of the Organization;
  • Designs and admits projects / operations of MAHSRA;
  • Keeps records of all acting and would be members of MAHSRA;
  • Receives and scrutinize all official letters of the Organization;
  • Acts as a general supervisor to all democratically elected officials of MAHSRA;
  • The Secretary General is answerable only to the Chief Executive Officer and to a quorum of at least 2/3 of registered members.

Secretary (Sec)

  • Maintains the minute’s book and attendance register of each meeting;
  • Writes down the minutes of each meeting, read the previous minutes before each meeting for validation and or adoption;
  • Distributes invitations and agenda for each meeting of MAHSRA.

Financial Secretary (FS)

  • Receives and deposits financial resources in financial institutions agreed by the General Meeting;
  • Prepares and keeps all financial records of MAHSRA;
  • Hands over all documents of the Organization as may be required for various reasons as would be elaborated in the internal rules and regulations;
  • Prepares the draft budget for approval by the General Meeting of members;
  • Signs the bank cheques as well.


  • The funds of MAHSRA shall be kept by an elected treasurer in a safe;
  • The treasurer is responsible for the “Treasurer’s Fund”;
  • All revenue and funds received by the Financial Secretary, on behalf of the Organization into the Treasurer’s Fund must be supported by a numbered Organizational cash receipt;
  • Undertakes all payments duly approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

Technical Adviser

Advices the Executive/General Meeting of members on crucial matters affecting the organization.

Legal Adviser

  • Ensures a legal procedural implementation of MAHSRA’s Actions;
  • Advocates for the rights of registered members and the rights of existence to the best interest of MAHSRA’s Objectives and goals;
  • Represents MAHSRA incase of litigations against third parties.

Communication Officer (CO)

  • Seeks for and informs MAHSRA on global currents relating to MAHSRA’s Objectives;
  • Negotiates and coordinates MAHSRA’s media objectives and goals;
  • Relays MAHSRA’s projects and decisions to concerned third parties.
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