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Muten Pierre Fobang

This Project is Developed to Inspire You and to Foster Global Efforts Towards Increased Philanthropic and Humanitarian Assistance Works for Wealth and Healthy Fate Returns

Watch The Videos: Humanity’s Eye On You Today : Philanthropy and Humanitarian Action Brings Blessings 

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  • The Secret to a Happy and Successful Life is in the Ability to Build One’s Innate Human Fellowship Will towards Other Humans.
  • Give Bountiful and Sacred Hope to Vulnerable People and Watch Blessings or Karmic Returns Change Your Story to Glory

Full Project Campaign Link @ Humanity’s Eye on You Today Indiegogo 


This is a very short, direct and objective initiative to assist you and me in the human family over the secrets behind individual uplifting in health, business, love and other social interactions.

This is no magic, but an objective and undeniable truth that fulfills the accomplishments behind hard work. What is the secret behind people’s enormous successes and accompanying happiness?

Everybody works but, while some see themselves blessed, some think their efforts put in are instead a curse. This is not true, through this very short and sensitive initiative; you will be given the opportunity to temper your hard work’s outcomes and ceaseless efforts with mercy, love and care to the less privileged and other suffering individuals.

This year fall programme to encourage humanitarian actions and individual philanthropy is an initiative of Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association – MAHSRA.

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