Humanitarian Assistance


  • MAHSRA aspires to solicit for medical, nutritional and institutional aid, assist and raise the living standards of vulnerable/less privileged persons, families and communities especially those in living in slums and in conflict areas, those infected by chronic diseases and the abandoned, and persons with disabilities.

MAHSRA’s interventions within the humanity service and support domain majorly addressed through its annual objectives, activities and impact measures.


  • Rehabilitate and provide nutritional, medical and institutional assistance to those in most need and in very vulnerable situations;
  • Seek and provide nutritional and medical assistance to families and communities affected of living in abject poverty;
  • Provide hygienic water supplies and infrastructural support in urban slums;
  • Partner with other humanitarian organizations and provide institutional support to the abandoned, the marginalised, and victims of other unfortunate human circumstances and predicaments.

Major Activities

  • Sorting out abandoned children and orphans, legally identifying them through birth certificates issuance and rehabilitating them in social support centres;
  • Collecting information and forming a data base of poverty stricken families in within affected (war, disease, natural disasters, etc) communities and providing food and medical assistance;
  • Providing health water and food sources and supporting better infrastructural development in the urban slums;
  • Mobilising and building partnerships with other civil society organizations in the light to better assist the less privileged, marginalised and other unfortunate persons and communities.

Impact indicators

  • Assessment on abandoned and other unfortunate children gaining legal recognition through birth certificates and proceeding with schooling;
  • Assessment on healthcare status and living conditions of those living within disease, war, natural disasters, and other unfortunate circumstances’ affected areas;
  • Assessment on civil society involvements in care giving and humanitarian actions within different unfortunate communities.
  • Assessment of government lead initiatives and policies aimed at care giving and humanitarian actions within vulnerable societies.
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