MAHSRA’s Management Services

Service Overview

Time is the most essential tool for achieving objective purposes, effective management of such time incorporates the process of measurable progress. MAHSRA offers time respectful management field activity services.

We are professionals in fieldworks and corporate management duties and have accrued experiences and competences in MAHSRA’s operational fields and more.

Management Service

Depending on the need of the client, we can be available or can render the following management services:

  1. Specific duration nonprofit project activity management at diverse levels.
  2. Personnel recruitment management contracts.
  3. General supplies management contracts.
  4. Pace-setting, coaching and supervision.

Though our management services are offered depending on the area of expertise sorted for, we remain open and consultative in all our approaches and our management engagements are mutually participatory.
Do not hesitate to contact-us and let us and know how we can be of assistance to you. We live to serve and be the best in service to others, so we give in our most in order to attain our living purpose.

We seek to continue aiding the needy through nutrition, education and self-empowerment means.


We seek your support to manage change and give hope for more acceptable societal standards.

Hope for Change

We seek assistance to provide better management standards to foster sustainable development.


Benefits of Service

MAHSRA is a duly registered and well established non-profit organisation, therefore making most of its activities exempted of formal taxes.

Once you follow all the guidelines given on the donation page, you are safe. We do our best to install, manage and update all online safety measures in order to keep our supporters trusting for we depend on them to reach our goals.

Yes ofcourse, we try as much as possible to enlist the needs of our benficiaries, you can chose what you can do for them. We also accept cash, checks, bank transfers and other mobile payment methods. It is best to contact us before any of such moves.

It is possible but that will depend on what sort or category of management work desired. It is always best to get intouch with us  contact us  first before any such calculations. We remain accountable to our organisation and its supporters, we must be advised incase in advance.


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