Programme Planning

General Planning

International programs are negotiated at the level of which a board of home base and foreign members called the International Board Members meet to setup overall implementation objectives and targets for the National Control Unit.

When our particular programs are only within a single country, the national Control Unit in advisory collaboration with the technical Ad hoc committees oversees and delegates the programs implementation controls to the Primary Management Unit which institutes and directs the work policies and action plans of the locals in charge of handling the coordination of the strategized project objective activities.

As presented in the organizational organogram

The Auditors are independent bodies contracted upon by the International Board Members for annual audits of MAHSRA’s yearly activities.

The Regional Administration is in regard to local government’s periodic checks and balances of the organizational activities to assure the congruity between MAHSRA’s actual works and its registered objectives.

Working at the level of the locally implemented programs, the major responsibility is for the Primary Management Unit under orders from the National Control Unit, to set a strategic direction for the organizational action plans as indicated by higher level initial guideline directives for planned programs.

MAHSRA’s International board members/executives work in close collaboration and guidance from the National Control Unit that obtains duly examined and analyzed information from the Ad hoc Committees and the Primary Management Unit headed by the chief executive office. The chief executive officer in collaboration with the secretary general, designs projects and action plans and proposes them to the board for the board meeting that MAHSRA’s overall plans and financial dispositions are carefully examined.

In the absence of the board meeting as in emergency situations, the chief executive officer (CEO), key planners, relevant middle managers and major customers (internal or external) get involved in program planning.

Often, initial plans for a program from what ever source are first of all suggested to the CEO and middle managers. Program planning is usually initiated as part of the MAHSRA’s overall strategic planning process and so is conducted by the strategic planning team, which is comprised of the board, the chief executive, employees and the key targets/clients or final beneficiaries within range.

The echelon of local program planning and implementation, and MAHSRA’s overall organizational structure is indicated at the following Organograms below :

MAHSRA Functioning structure
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