Basic Rules

Designating Officials

Articles 11.3  of  MAHSRA’s Constitution and the Modifications of 2012 Bearing on the Institution of the Executive/Officials in MAHSRA stipulates that:

  • The officials of MAHSRA shall be democratically elected from amongst the registered members through a secret ballot or show of hand, agreed upon by members before voting commences;
  • They shall be elected for a term of THREE (3) years, they may be re-elected, but will not hold their post for more than two terms or SIX (6) consecutive years except if speculated by MAHSRA’s organizational needs within the internal rules and regulations;
  • They may validly conduct business if not less than half (½) of its members and at least three (3) executive members are present;
  • In the event of death, resignation or withdrawal for any reason of one or more officials, the organizational executive shall replace them provisionally;
  • MAHSRA’s executive may not exercise such rights unless the number of vacant posts in a given financial year is less than half the total number of posts. Such provisional replacement shall be subject to ratification by the next general meeting and the member(s) appointed shall complete the term of office of the official he/she replaces;

MAHSRA’s officials are designated as follows:-

  • Managing Director (M.D)

  • Secretary General (S.G)

  • Secretary (S)

  • Financial Secretary (F.S)

  • Treasurer (T)

  • Technical Adviser(s) (TA)

  • Legal Adviser (LA)

  • Communication Officer (CO)

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