Social Development


  • MAHSRA aspires to unite local groups, persons and the civil societies as such to put together human energies and potentials in the quest to achieve greater development and sustainable results beyond the sustainable development goals.

MAHSRA’s interventions within the Social Development domain are addressed annual objectives, activities and impact measurements.


  • Create, develop and promote positive works of arts and sociocultural activities for the service of humanity;
  • Encourage annual sociocultural meetings and traditional ceremonies uniting people for a good course;
  • Encourage the formation of major and minor sociocultural groups promoting and sharing common ideas for development;
  • Analyse, make projections and support local, national and global actions towards minimising inequalities and combating deadly infections.

Major Activities

  • Seeking for, producing and promoting talented artists and arts works that encourage humanitarian goals;
  • Supporting the organization of sociocultural meetings and encouraging cultural ceremonies uniting people, traditions and customs;
  • Forming and supporting program support groups and their social developmental initiatives;
  • Organising and actively participating in local, national and international programs aimed at minimising community and societal inequalities.

Impact indicators

  • Assessment on artistic productions geared towards encouraging actions promoting humanitarian and human equality issues;
  • Assessment on community development projects implemented due to regular and strengthened sociocultural meetings;
  • Assessments on social development programs developed and implemented by established programmed support groups;
  • Assessment on influenced local, national and international policy changes with respect to pragmatic actions and plans of reducing societal inequalities.
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