Environmental Health & Social Concerns

We believe in the greater goal of environmental sustainability that will prepare a safer and more conducive habitat for human beings and other living organisms in the ecosystem chain. our social influence


We believe in online exchanges and platforms that unit people and ideas towards positive interactive values that should inter-empower one another and should build societal social cohesion and the spirit of brotherhood among all peoples within small to larger communities. Preview our Social Network

Climate Change and Policy Action

We believe and support in policy orientation actions that engender collective and sustainable human activities against negatively shifting weather patterns and risky climate endangering inventions. See us in action

Environmental Degradation &
Humanitarian Concern

We believe and support risk planning and humanitarian actions that address the impact of changing weather conditions arising from natural disasters, disruption of livelihood production and supply chains and unduly imposed poverty on victimized populations and communities. Our influencecontrol_point


We build innovative software that serve in information exchanges between remote institutions and national control organs in order to facilitate communication, rapid solutions and dynamic distant institutional management procedures. Explore more


We believe in empowering local producers and innovative business incentives through e-business mechanisms for local economic development. Preview more

What the Environment means to us

MAHSRA and Environmental Challenges

Envisaging environmental challenges as a potential catalyst factor for uncontrollable conflicts and human morals survival instincts degeneration, we make projection on the consequential struggles that may evolve over limited livelihood resources brought about by failed natural environments. If we seek sustainable peace and human wellbeing, we must analyse and plan to mitigate forecasted circumstances that will go against the values of the prospects. “Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly”. MAHSRA therefore engages and promotes:

Environmental Peacebuilding

The White Paper

Participating at the second International Conference on Environmental Peace building, MAHSRA shares and promotes the values of THE FUTURE OF ENVIRONMENTAL PEACEBUILDING through nurturing an ecosystem for peace as presented in the White Paper.

Briefly, the white paper questions our responsibilities for managing our natural resources and its relativity to conflict and peace.

It further addresses issues with regards to:

  •  Links between the environment and our security becoming a focus for political attention and academic research
  • Connection between environmental change and resource management with respect to the risks of conflict, especially in places already fractured by socioeconomic inequality, ethnic divisions, or ideological divides.
  • Impacts of climate change being recognized as a security issue and how environmental damage caused by war amplifies the human toll and complicates post-conflict recovery.

It also summaries further challenges, opportunities, and an agenda for environmental peacebuilding.

MAHSRA's CEO contibutes to global policy influence moves for peace

Global Peace Positions

Environmental Challenges and Poverty Concerns

MAHSRA engages in

Enhanced sustainable farming methods,
Provision of recoverable seed start-ups,
Empowerment of community youths, and
Knowlegde on waste mangement.

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