Service Overview

Our human hearts are full of compassion for one another, a strong desire to show care and concern to fellow humans who are in need. We can only feel truly human when we let lead our empathy and benevolence will towards others.

By our existential vision, we are bound to conduct ceaseless philanthropic actions which marches in line with our benevolent will to serve humanity. We work in collaboration with several good-will men and their gestures to reach-out to needy populations and show care to vulnerable.


Our philanthropic gestures are coordinated along the following major guidelines:

  1. Making periodic and or annual donations to small organisations and persons to foster their growth.
  2. Collection and processing of donations from other goodwill gestured partners, organisations, and individuals and ascertaining the effective reach to the intended beneficiaries.
  3. Organising awareness campaigns and award ceremonies to encourage philanthropic gestures within communities.

In addition, our philanthropic services are not limited to the above mentioned activity scope alone. We are always open to learn and engage in more creative ways and opportunities for encouraging philanthropic works as time and circumstances permit us.

Do not hesitate to contact-us and let us and know how we can be of assistance to you. We live to serve and be the best in service to others, so we give in our most in order to attain our living purpose.

We seek to continue aiding the needy through nutrition, education and self-empowerment means.


We seek your support to build our collective hope and cause for the betterness all needy peoples.

Hope For the Needy

We seek assistance to provide for their peaceful, inclusive and more enlightened existence.


Benefits of Service

MAHSRA is a duly registered and well established non-profit organisation, therefore making most of its activities exempted of formal taxes.

Once you follow all the guidelines given on the donation page, you are safe. We do our best to install, manage and update all online safety measures in order to keep our supporters trusting for we depend on them to reach our goals.

Yes ofcourse, we try as much as possible to enlist the needs of our benficiaries, you can chose what you can do for them. We also accept cash, checks, bank transfers and other mobile payment methods. It is best to contact us before any of such moves.

You are most welcomed! we are currently working on our donation system for now, as soon as ready, we’ll include this option. However, you may need to contact us for such moves.

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