• MAHSRA aspires to train and improve individuals and groups on organizational capacities in peace and conflict resolution and to develop a strong network of persons, institutions and belief systems advocating for and influencing pathways to peace, conflict resolution and human rights.

MAHSRA’s interventions within the domain of Peace, Conflict Management and Development are addressed according to annual objectives, activities and impact measurements.


  • Address the religious conflicts in our local communities especially between the Christians and the Muslims; and also to address problems and sort out solutions of inter-tribal wars and land disputes in our communities;
  • Institute formal and informal Peace Education within Secondary and Higher Institutions and also at the community level;
  • Encourage social dialogue between communities crisscrossing developmental projects and goals, ethnic differences, inter-tribal unions and territorial boundaries affecting their peaceful existence/cohabitation;
  • Encourage the involvement of youths, the formation and unity of youthful organizations and youthful activism for peace and conflict resolution goals;
  • Build a firm influence waging network of peace and conflict resolution makers/promoters such as; researchers, educators, negotiators, mediators, government officials, business people, activists, and professional organizations focused on human rights, dispute resolution, environmental protection, international law, and human and economic development.

Major activities

  • Organizing meetings and encouraging social gatherings and associations between Christians and Muslims, and also organizing periodic meetings and social dialogues amongst local tribal heads/chiefs/fons and lamids.
  • Researching and developing classroom lessons and community peace guide notes and proposing them to schools and community groups;
  • Encouraging meetings sharing developmental interests, common historical origins and inter-tribal land preoccupations;
  • Mobilizing youths and encouraging youthful participation in conflict resolutions programs;
  • Mobilizing and sharing our organizational interests with other sectors and persons intervening in peace and conflict resolution goals.

Impact indicators

  • Assessment on numbers of associations and social programs involving both Muslims and Christians and numbers of associations of tribal leaders sharing common social development goals;
  • Assessment on numbers of institutions and community groups offering lessons on peace studies;
  • Assessment on numbers of inter-tribal marriages/unions, reduced number of land disputes and increased peaceful development community perspectives;
  • Assessment on active and energetic youthful force is engaged in activism for peace and conflict resolutions;
  • Assessment on solid networks between promoters of peace and conflict resolution activists and organizations is formed.

Global Commitments for Peace

Currently, MAHSRA trains and improves individual, group and institutional capacities in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. We conduct policy influence advocacy on peace building through  strong global network of persons, institutions and belief systems. We are leaders in moves for Peace on Earth

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