Education for Positive Change

Service Overview

Bringing sanity to the human mind is a collective responsibility that is nurtured from childhood through adulthood till the end. We all are responsible for sharing knowlege and practices that should sustain our existence as humanity.

Child psychology is the most important educational consideration in the life-cycle of a human person. If we must save the future, we must nurture our young in the correct values and paths that they may never depart from. We also need to continue to learn from the changing circumstances and unpredictable times as we grow older, making life pattern adjustments and forcasted risks assessments for corrective life-trend balances.

Education for Positive Change

Our objective focus in education for positive change is rendered across the following major guidelines:

  1. Annual strategic programs, in which we identify vulnerable communities and vulnerable children in most need for education, gather or solicit for necessary resources to support their formal educational courses.
  2. Develop strategic curricula guides and provide trainer’s training for teachers and other sector educators for ascertaining educational processes that should lead to positive change.
  3. Organise campaigns and produce outreach materials that can influence policy changes for the wellbeing of the society in a sustainable manner.

Notably our services for education towards positive change are not limited to the above mentioned objective focuses alone. We are an organisation with experienced researchers that are always ready to conduct findings and make proposal solutions to solicited services.

Do not hesitate to contact-us and let us and know how we can be of assistance to you. We live to serve and be the best in service to others, so we give in our most in order to attain our living purpose.

We seek to continue aiding the needy through nutrition, education and self-empowerment means.


For the children, we seek to build a sane future for their peaceful and more enlightened coexistence.

Hope For Children

We seek your support to build our collective hope and cause for the betterness our peoples.


Benefits of Service

It is very simple, just get to our contact page and make your request in the contact form, or you call any of the numbers on the contact page.

Else you locate the office and walk-in.

Most certainly depending on the kind of service requested. We can provide consultancy advise, develop educational material, make editorials and more and forward content to the demandee. We can also organise online educational or training sessions. Your specifications will provide-us with necessary information of what is best for you.

Every demandee is required and allowed to do his or her background checks before engaging with us. We are also open to address clarifying questions that may help build confidence for the demandee. It is best to contact us always before any service needs processing.

We are a nonprofit organisation, so most of our humanitarian services are offered freely when they are duly funded. However, as a source for income generation for the organisation, our expert consultants charge small fees as covered by the budgets of the benefiting demandee. These fees along with other marketable items serve as contributions to finance our annual programme activities. However, your need may fall within our projected program plan and we offer you free agreed services, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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