Quick Questions About MAHSRA ?

Visit our web pages, see sections on how to become a “MAHSRAN“, how to register as a physical and/or virtual member, membership roles and responsibilities…etc. Interested in working for us, visit menu section on working with MAHSRA and learn how to volunteer or apply for a job. Interested in using our expertise, see menu sections on our services. Interested in knowing about our past activities, visit information blog section. Interested in know more, visit our contact page. We are always at your service.

MAHSRA operates in diverse fields of activities with a consolidator purpose of achieving to sustainable development. Summarily, we have carried activities in the following and more fields: Human Rights, Democracy, Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender issues, social development, Humanitarian Assistance, Youths and Children, Peace, and Technological advancements .

Most certainly, MAHSRA is a reputable grassroots influential organisation and has built institutionalised project implementation partnerships with several diplomatic bodies, serves as an active NGO in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, worked and still working with international and national NGOs, community based groups and other traditional associations.

MAHSRA’s donation page with public funding solicited projects or action programs duly stipulate the exact measure of each donation and contribution amounts’ targets. We only use solicited public funding for the activities mentioned. However, when there is a surplus, we accountably channel the balance into very similar objective activities of the organisation. All public solicited funds are used for the solicited purpose and its similitude stances only.

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