Personnel Evaluation

MAHSRA’s Personnel Performance Evaluation System Policy

MAHSRA’s performance evaluation system is composed of three main stages that generally take place over a period of a year.

1)      Performance planning

At the performance planning stage that enables the employees and supervisors to come to an agreement on what is to be accomplished during the year and how it will be carried out. We use the following procedures and tools for facilitation:

a) Job description or list of duties

Each employee has an up-to-date job description defining the purpose of the work and the responsibilities involved.

b) Setting of objectives

For each key responsibility associated with a position, at least one objective is established for a particular period. The objectives are clear and quantifiable, and the assessment criteria are mentioned.

c) Individual action plan

MAHSRA uses the individual action planning tool to specify the steps to be taken to achieve the objectives set beforehand and jointly prepared with the immediate supervisor and may also involve new initiatives facilitating improved productivity or personal capacity development.

2)      Performance Monitoring and Management

MAHSRA’s staff performance and productivity are managed on an on-going basis throughout the year. The following elements, among others, are involved:

a) On-going Supervision

This entails taking the time to observe, examine sources of difficulty and seek solutions.

b) Regular Communication

This involves regular exchanges so that employees can receive feedback about their performance and receive the necessary supervision.

c) Periodic Evaluation

This involves formal, scheduled meetings held at minimum rate of one meeting every six months between MAHSRA’s employee and supervisor to discuss activities carried out, end results and the adjustment of the action plan and objectives, if necessary.

3)      Annual Performance Evaluation

MAHSRA’s annual performance evaluation is the analysis, based on documentation from previous stages of the process, of its employees work records. The evaluation addresses two fundamental questions. The first relates to the past and involves verifying what was accomplished qualitatively and quantitatively during the year. The second relates to the future and consists of identifying means to be considered to ensure the employee continues to grow and develop.

We have a performance evaluation form that includes all the sections needed for the evaluation. This includes a section relating to performance evaluation in relation to the objectives established at the outset and in relation to the responsibilities of the position, a section that specifies or targets what is needed for the employee’s development and finally a section allowing the employee and the evaluator to express their comments and affix their respective signatures. The form also includes a performance level classification and a definition of each of these levels.

Note: Our annual performance evaluation does not have any financial impact on our employees’ salaries. It is first and foremost a tool to evaluate the employee’s performance and take remedial action if necessary.

MAHSRA’s Employee evaluation forms can be previewed by making a request through the form below. Each need should  for the evaluation forms must carry one of the subjects listed below, and your reasons expressed in the comment section. NB. Only one subject can be treated at a time, however, multiple requests may be made with different subjects if so required.

  • Human Resource Information System for MAHSRA
  • Annual Performance Planning Form
  • Performance Appraisal Form
  • Staff Performance Needs and Development
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