Executive Summary

Executive Summary by MAHSRA's CEO

Dr Kelly NGYAH

Dear site visitors

It is with great honour, deep humility and delightfulness that I welcome you to this our noble website. Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA) had its rooted history since 1998 when the founding members began conceiving the ideas of the present renowned organizational structure. After several years of intense survival battles that earned us recognition at different local, national and international levels, we became most ever motivated after obtaining our UN AccreditationSpecial Consultative Status 2013.

The principal goals and objectives of this association of men and women of humanitarian honour has been the root cause for survival of the organizational structure and its missionary dream. Even though the works of MAHSRA have gone through stages of trials, insufficiency and disappointments, I am glad that today we can boost to have reached and changed over tens of thousands of lives.

Reaching for optimum program yields and striving to make sustainable impacts in the lives of youths, vulnerable and less privileged persons and groups, I dare to say, as of my given mandate and democratically elected terms of office that:

‘MAHSRA is determined to mount the untamed eagle and hungry lioness in the quest to achieve its goals with a very rigorous and vibrant zeal that will unshackle its mission and each and every one of its objectives’

Building sustainable partnerships with beneficiary communities and assisting institutions at all levels.

MAHSRA’s achievements are numerous including grass root projects on HIV/AIDS in Lagos – Nigeria since 2006, projects on Human Rights, Democracy, Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender issues, social development, Humanitarian Assistance, Youths and Children, Peace, Technology and several other sustainable management programs solely and partly with other organizations and groups.

MAHSRA has designed an effective functional and organizational management plan that gives no room for failure in its existence and achievements. Surrounded by able and potential organizational members and project partners, MAHSRA’s organizational personnel policy framework and workers performance evaluation system (MPPMS & MPPES) has been strengthened to meet both its organizational goals and the expectations of its partners.

While, browsing thoroughly through this website, you will discover that it is possible for anyone to access our organizational information. It is also possible to obtain further information on our operational models and work evaluation forms by sending your request to Mail.

With the recently instituted online membership registration and adherence initiative that has made it possible for people of all races and classes all over the world to become virtual or physical members of this organization, everyone is hereby invited to join and share with this futuristic and global community growth organization that has a determined objectivism at igniting a true sense of automated responsibility, and self-consciousness of mutual support and global peaceful solidarity growth.

When you become a member of MAHSRA:

Your Dream and Aspirations on Positive Development Perspectives Become our Mission

Dear site visitors, you are once more welcome to our World Wide Web Existence of Actors for Humanity, Defenders of Positive Values and Up-Raisers of the Voices of the Voiceless

Most humble thanks to you for reading

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