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The conditions of membership existence in MAHSRA is governed according to articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of MAHSRA’s 2008 constitution and the modifications of 2012 thereafter, bearing on the rights and obligations of becoming and staying as a member of MAHSRA. It follows thus:

Article Four of the above mention constitution stipulates that any natural person may become a member of MAHSRA, provided that:-

4.1          His/her written application, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer in which the applicant undertakes to use the services and facilities of the Association, of part of the transactions that may be carried out through it, and such is approved by the General meeting of members.

4.2   She/he pays a non refundable registration fee as specified in the internal rules and Regulations.

4.3  She/he must be mentally and or physically fit to comprehend and comply with rights and obligations of becoming a member to MAHSRA.

4.4  She/he accepts to respect the internal rules and Regulations.

4.5  Founding members are not subjected to the provisions of article 4.1 above.

  • Non – member users shall not take part in the management or administration of MAHSRA however,
  • non– member users may benefit from the services provided by MAHSRA

Due to distant public interest and the dynamic nature of MAHSRA’s strategic action growth policies, a new scope of membership belonging and sharing with MAHSRA has been introduced through this website that gives the opportunity of interesting persons to become either virtual or physical online members of MAHSRA.


Virtual memberships are reflected in article 4.5 above and is referred to anonymous persons who create user membership accounts on MAHSRA website and play a very active role in:

  • Posting contributor ideas for the general growth of the organizational Objectives;
  • Anonymously providing financial contributions for the programmed worked plans and activities of MAHSRA; and
  • Technically and Morally sharing MAHSRA’s activity best practices and knowledge to other sectors and regions in local communities the world over;

Meanwhile the virtual online membership dealt with individual anonymity, physical online membership deals with distant registered memberships that are now possible to obtain online. All the membership privileges mentioned in articles 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, & 4.4 are within her/his reach provided she/he fulfills all the conditions required of a physically registered member. However, for an online physical member to duly benefit of the rights to become an executive official of MAHSRA, she/he will need to fulfill other conditions that are specified in the internal rules and regulations of MAHSRA.

Becoming a physical online member will entail:

  • Downloading the online membership application form and submitting it for review by the Board
  • When the review is done, then further communications will be established between the applicant and the administrative staff to ascertain other needs before a further review of the Board;
  • The Board give its final approval and the physical membership status is then awarded;

An earlier publication news of becoming a member of MAHSRA or a ‘mahsran’ can be accessed HERE

Note: some advantages of the online physical memberships include:
  • Distant community management project job opportunities;
  • Resource person volunteering opportunities;
  • Free distant internship opportunities with MAHSRA;
  • MAHSRA Organizational Management Country, Regional or Local Community Representative Opportunity; and  many more.
Please fill the pre-request form below and ensure your subject is "Membership". In one or two sentences, mention why you desire to become a member of MAHSRA, use the optional message section.

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