Personnel Management

MAHSRA Personnel Performance Management System - MPPMS

Since 2013, MAHSRA instituted a Personnel Management Framework (MPPMS) that sets down the policies, conditions, rights and obligations of its employees subject to their performing of the duties and responsibilities in their respective job descriptions.

From the time of hiring, each employee is given access to this policy, so that he/she can adhere to it with full knowledge and information.

The work policies may at any time be subject to modification if the Board of Members of MAHSRA deem it necessary. In such cases, employees will be fully informed of the changes made.

Included in the Framework is:

  • MAHSRA’s Categories of Personnel (MCP); and the
  • MAHSRA’s Personnel Performance Evaluation System (MPPES)

MAHSRA's Categories of Personnel

All personnel working for MAHSRA are classified into accordingly:

  1. Employees

MAHSRA’s employees are designated salaried individuals who, after a probationary period, are given ongoing assignments, either part-time or full-time, and are paid on monthly basis. They are contracted on long-term basis subject to periodic evaluations and performance assessments. They have the responsibility towards the day to day functioning and/or in any one of more ongoing/prospective projects of MAHSRA.

All the employees of MAHSRA are classified into three categories with an additional two non-classified categories. These categories include:

A. Management Category

B. Professional Category

  • Project Manager
  • Administrative Staff
  • Account Officers

C. Field Works and Support Category

  • Program Coordinators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Errand agents
  1. Consultants

Consultants are professional experts hired by MAHSRA on short-term basis only for the completion of specific tasks and assignments related to one or more of its projects. Consultants of MAHSRA are offered separate and limited contracts, defining their job description, timeline, deliverables, reporting procedures and payment details are issued. They are paid on daily/monthly/weekly basis depending upon the nature of their assignment. They are not considered as full-time or part-time employees of MAHSRA.

  1. Volunteers

MAHSRA’s volunteers fall within all the MCP criteria but are most often limited to assisting duties. As a non-profit organisation, MAHSRA is open to all volunteering but qualitative and technical assistance duties that can assist the organisation move and consistently build its existential objectives.  Volunteering for MAHSRA is achievable through its similar procedures for presonnel recruitment.

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