Nations and Community Solidarity

Nations and Community Solidarity



Notions of community within national and international spheres form major discussion postulates on achieving mutually comprehensive relationships between human groupings in a liberalist world. However, the mutuality nuance within communitarianism by same liberalist conceptions is formed through the formation of separate small community solidarity focuses.

When liberalist precepts as those of the human rights permit huge allowances for human freedom and choices over certain community binding rules, the problematic lies with respect to the possibility of achieving a major solidarity focus within a larger community perception of ‘the nation’ that has several other smaller communities within its territorial boundaries.

This piece of literature sees the nation-State as a mother territorial phenomenon with the responsibility to maintain peace and solidarity amongst the countless smaller groupings under her. Trying to resolve one’s issue may ignite conflict with another so, how can she ensure this duty?

In order to assist the nation in its task, this document, while previewing the conceptual scope of nationalism, citizenship and other symbolic national elements that foster national solidarity, it also proposes adoptive measures for nation-States towardsenhancing mutual trust and cooperation amongst its intranational communities.

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