Modern Technology and Conflicts

Modern Technology and Conflicts



In attempts to illuminate the paradoxical human growth scope within the fields of Modern Technology, this study presents some implications of modern development innovations and marvellous technological achievements, which, though built as ideal elements for human progress, still, much misery and suffering is caused by these same development wonders.

The work intrigues on the countless communication possibilities of the cyberspace that has made it possible for instantaneous interactive connections between persons, ideas and structures where ever and whenever possible. However, it is very shocking that, though these links are helping to build a solidarity focus between the various concerned elements, there are, at the same time, acting as a medium wherein very strong separatists and discriminatory ideologies become materialized into wide spread violent encounters and conflicts.

As such, in order to highlight where the problematic surfaces, the document briefly examines the nature and concept of the cyberspace and its potency in initiating or building on some social deviance aspects. Some of these aspects have the potency of modifying psychosocial behavioural patterns of individuals, institutions and rules, and therefore should be considered as, conflict instigator elements from an individual perspective that evolves within an international order.

Notwithstanding the mentioned detrimental effects of the cyberspace on global peace, the document also highlights the probable counter-conflict/peace growth measures necessary for improved human safety.

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