Recalculations on Peace and Emerging Nations

Recalculations on Peace and Emerging Nations



A new stream of rapidly growing economies across the globe that are neither classified between the developed or the developing nations categories are now threatening to become or build-in a new world order. The distinction between countries in terms of developed and developing nations is now limited against the global assessments for country growth or progress rates. Another measure of fast responding national economies which are neither between the mentioned extremes is that of emerging nations. From the historical analyses on the political, socioeconomic and cultural development of the emerging nations, a distinct value of peace growth is noticed thus leading them to act or be regarded as ideal national examples for others to follow.

Their peaceful development support for other non-developed regional countries is also one of their remarkable characteristics. Through cited exemplary emerging country policy work orientations and practices for promoting both regional and global peace, this book presents the political, cultural and socioeconomic platforms that are responsible for making the emerging nations particular and worth copying for sustaining peaceful development aspirations across the globe.

The study as well strives at understanding the classical distinction within the developed and developing stances in order to distinguish the ‘emerging nation’ concept, meanwhilehighlighting the BRICS Member State’s specific development policy positions that will contribute to peace growth and mutually beneficial relationships between regional developing economies.

It as well identifies the visionary world order institution of the BRICS bank that can serve
in building development which is free from Western influence in certain regions

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