Community’s Role in Peace and Development

Community’s Role in Peace and Development



It is obvious that recent global and local development talks and agendas have mostly centred on community perspectives. Whether based on the United Nations priority working policies or, national and local level discriminatory and marginalisation manoeuvres, the notion of ‘Community’ stays preponderant in both legalist and political growth contours.

Issues of feasible community conflict moments via major war-torn zones to modern technologically built communities (online communities) are now our days a major call for concern towards conflict management objectives. This study material brings you closest to the application of community concepts in addressing the conflict moments.

According to the author: ‘global trends on conflicts are still on a high scale, though several writers and development agencies have attempted in purporting numeroussolutions, this work presents an innovative analysis on conflict catalysts and qualifications within the community perspectives and thus, proposes an elaborative model for conflict prevention, management/mitigation and conflict resolution within the community concepts.

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