Anglophone General Conference (AGC): Preparatory Progress Assessment

Anglophone General Conference (AGC): Preparatory Progress Assessment



The over three years long armed conflict between the separatists and the Cameroon army in the North West and South West regions of the Country that started in the year 2016 with grievances of teachers and lawyers over institutional reforms, has known several interventions from the government, political parties, religious institutions, civil society actors and intergovernmental bodies, to solve the problem, yet, the violence and human rights abuses continue to rise. Finally, comes in the elderly religious leaders of the Muslim, Protestant and Catholic religions. Their aim is to look for the causes of the socio-political and economic problems in the North West and the South West regions of the country and to propose solutions to the head State. To achieve this, they produced a questionnaire which was sent all over the world to the English speaking Cameroonians.

The questionnaire received 918 written reactions that were analysed by the secretariat. However, there were over 360 reactions from the social media. The data collected indicated that English speaking Cameroonians resident 38 different countries and originating from 57 out of 64 subdivisions within 13 divisions of the North West and South West regions, and representing over 63 socio-cultural groups and other civil society organisations reacted to the questionnaire.

Analytically, the results proved that 71.79% of reactions came from Cameroon against 28.21% from outside Cameroon.

All due acknowledgement of the entire research work is accredited to the NGO, Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA).

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