Ethnic Conflict Causes and International Community Biases

Ethnic Conflict Causes and International Community Biases



Because there is a limited conflict analyses conception that addresses and seeks solutions to recent ethnic violence within nations, this study investigates some
necessary dynamic and interwoven approaches that prioritizes options to get the actual  insight roots of ethnic conflicts. It considers major phenomenal issues such as greed and the desire for discriminatory economic and political power interfering and manipulating the social liberalist community individuals, into struggles over values which are equally shared within the community.

The book primarily examines the contextual meaning of ethnic conflict notions within studied theoretical concepts in parity with other academic positions in the domain. To make the difference, while uprooting facts from primordialist, institutionalist, political entrepreneurship and scarcity of resources as significant ethnic conflicts causal elements, it probes in another debate question for researchers in the field, saying ‘the causal dynamics of an ethnic conflict needs to be sorted in [its gain searcher-roots undercover actors]’.

Using the manipulative, explanative and exploitative dimensions to elaborate on the fact that these undercover actors may not necessarily be members of either the concerned ethnicities or the affected communities, the literature further illustrates, with help of a diagram flow and exemplary cases, how the international community, including major foreign government bodies could be involved in fuelling up ethnic conflict strives.

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