Secrets of Family Happiness and Joy

Secrets of Family Happiness and Joy



Conceiving the family as a divine human phenomenal institution that is highly cherish both by God and man, the banal regard with which the world has recently condemn it to, in respect of excessive human freedoms, is worrisome. The inestimable value of marriage and family as the primary and ethical home to build human senses for solidarity and mutuality existence on earth is gradually losing its potency within the ever growing civil liberties and rights. People no longer find marriage and family as an essential focus for their development and see little or no reason to cohabit with others in a spirit or sharing and oneness. Worse of it, cultural and religious faith-based institutions continue to play separatist roles in keeping people from different faiths other than theirs away from naturally ordained marriage unions.

Are we sure that, the family is still a place where human values of mutuality and trusts as from childhood are ethically introduced and developed for the society?

In the limelight to redress some of these worries and most probably introduce the hidden mechanisms necessary to rebuild the required liveliness and warmth in a
prospective family union, this book examines the probabilities and ‘Will’ building measures for interfaith marriages and family unions will be sustainable. It also
highlights the sensitive and unhealthy issues that could transpire and trigger frustrations between family members and other external forces, proposes solutions to
such worries and develops the Will building psychology and practical family problems management guides with the aptness to keep the family members experiencing consistent and sustained happiness and joyous moments.

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