Probable Hurdles in the Cameroon’s 2035 Dream

Probable Hurdles in the Cameroon’s 2035 Dream



Based on countless struggles and sporadic civil strives across the world, most especially within the heart of North Africa such as the 2011 Arab spring, numerous
analysts and conflict foreseers have studied and proven track records of a series of identical elements that sum-up to topple regimes and autocratic governments. Because of the need to prevent the eventual occurrence of major conflicts within countries that demonstrate similar country assessment risks for uprisings as previous case studies, this study elaborates some major reasons why effective preventive measures should be made in the case of a country still existing in a virtual peaceful state.

Given that that Cameroon has been alleged to be a “fragile state”, and within its 2010/2020 growth and employment strategy paper, the document has failed to fully
address the practical institution of peace learning and building models, the bookhighlights some short comings in the direction and advises on the probable steps to
take to ameliorate the country’s GESP 2010/2020.

Also, since the has developed a very huge and ambitious development 2035 vision towards becoming an emerging nation, the need and ways to protect the huge
institutional and infrastructural investments in order to maintain the vision in case of a major civil instability, strive or uprising is herein advanced.

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