Mutuality and Reciporcity for Peaceful Objectivism

Mutuality and Reciporcity for Peaceful Objectivism



Through a series of arguments on conceptions of consciousness, perceptions and inductive logic, the value of objectivism is placed side-by-side notions of
reason as an absolute which sees man as a heroic being with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life and with productive achievement as
his noblest activity. It further induces that man has free will—the ability to think or not to think, to use reason or not to use it, to go by facts or to go by feelings
and thus survive by observing reality, identifying the nature of things,
discovering causal relationships, and making the logical connections necessary to produce the things he needs in order to live.

Such strict objectivist thoughts stales the comprehensive human solidarity building values which are mutuality and reciprocity which if interweaved appropriately, they’ll portray the best alternative for conflict prevention and peace building prospects.

This book examines the ordinary man’s existence within the objectivist, mutualistic, reciprocity philosophical and practical approaches in a situation of conflict, thereby, advising on some effective steps to take during conflict negotiation moves and as well, ways to handle very promising peace building considerations at individual levels.

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