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Due to individual membership choices for transparency and accountability, MAHSRA will soon be publishing a quarterly update membership information database on this site. This quarterly update information database will consist of:

  • Membership full names and/or preferred usernames;
  • Registration status;
  • Year of membership adhesion;
  • Current Occupation and Area of Expertise in the Professional and/or Educational milieu;
  • Contributions made to MAHSRA (Financial/material/technical/moral);
  • Individual Aspirations and Dreams towards self-development and public service delivery focus;
  • Individual contact addresses;

Please ensure to indicate during your membership registration process if you would not like any of the above mentioned information to be published.

We are aware of the fact that some humanitarian or philanthropist, at times, prefer to keep their identity anonymous when they support initiatives, this is why we will only published the above mentioned information about you with your concern.

Note: MAHSRA shall not and in no way bear any responsibility or prejudicial repercussions arising from the individual profile database publication when the individual had not explicitly denied the inclusion or indicated the details he/she did not desire to be included in the published database. MAHSRA holds the sole exclusive rights to publish whatever information it holds with regards its members that are inline with the goals and objectives MAHSRA except such a member explicitly disagrees with it. However the principle of anonymity is highly respected within the organization and the registration process will be used to streamline the duly unwanted individual membership public data. 

Request a membership pre-application form here

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