The African Worry and Hope

The African Worry and Hope



The African worry is full of losses, sorrow and pain accrued since the colonial era which today has inflicted much agony and psychological trauma in the minds of its leaders and its common citizens. Since life in Africa is consumed in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, its people’s desperation has thus been transformed towards political and economic crime for individual security and egoistic prosperity. This does not reflect the culture of family that governs the African people in their strong holds or values for peaceful growth. Where has such African community spirit values evaporated to? Can we get them back?

This book strives at reexamining the impacts of former imperial colonial oppressive administration on conquered indigenous territories during the colonial period and howthe indigenous elites’ post-independence political philosophies became corrupted within modern governance perspectives. The literature also examines the post-colonial governance impasses and heavy failures that were attributed to the indigenous elites’ conundrum face-to-face nationalism and the true politically independent nation-state management.

While presenting regional commitments of development partners to revive hope in Africa, it remarks mentions the importance of redressing the African worry in the fields of peace, poverty eradication, infrastructural and socioeconomic development of the continent.

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