Na Wetti Awards 2016

In light to keep up with Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA’s) commitment in fostering socioeconomic and socially cohesive communities towards sustainable development, the  publicity and social constructivist platforms of  “Na Wetti” – Magazine and Social network, on May 20th 2016, instituted the first edition of its youth encouragement concept  the Na Wetti Awards.

The first edition strategized in encouraging youthful talents that are hidden because of lack of exposure opportunities. A call was launched across the city of Bamenda which brought together over 100 young singers for a singing competition to win the award of the best upcoming artist 2016. Through formal registration processes, on the 20th of May 2016, the competition took place.

The talent seeking and encouragement show, proved and actually exposed the rich nature of young and inspiring people in Bamenda. Trilling the crowd with several dance styles and live vocal animations, Na Wetti Awards 2016 came out with a winner in the category of Best Upcoming Artist 2016 in the name of Prizzy West in the tract title ‘satan you must go’.

On the part of the CEO of MAHSRA, Dr. Kelly NGYAH, he expressed that the Na Wetti Awards have just been instituted and it will continue to grow into more socially and economically sensitive sectors in the society such that the principal goal of the concept Na Wetti which is in realizing a socially cohesive society within which both rich and poor are auto-connected in supporting community development processes for the wellbeing of all, is gradually achieved.

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