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The popular pidgin connotation “na-wetti”, meaning what’s happening, now has its own social network for connecting people and businesses together for human posterity and social development. How can business communities inter-relate to support community development prospects on a ‘gain-gain’ basis? Na-Wetti Magazine provides the answers…

The and Na Wetti business magazine platforms are initiatives developed by Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA), an NGO based in Bamenda – Cameroon and in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC [2013], to promote socially cohesive societies wherein selling ideas and advertising products and services go a long way to contribute in community development.

Na wetti profile and corner view

Project Na Wetti which is presented in three different dimensions and offers the following:

  1. A social media network that serves to:
  • Make new friends and dates within Africa and beyond;
  • Create your family tree and get notified when lost friends or family members join the system;
  • Meet People interested in Volunteering services everywhere;
  • Advertise available job opportunities;
  • Advertise products and services offered by enterprises;
  • Get latest news from the site users and offered by Na Wetti.

The full working policy orientation for Na wetti is published Here 

To add to Na Wetti’s networking platforms; the following provisions have been made:

  • Blog page that publishes all items released on the Na Wetti business magazine, including recent updates on Na wetti’s humanitarian works and news;

  • facebook page that also publishes all recent updates on project nawetti’s activities and modeling issues;
  • twitter account that twits all recent activities and information approved by the na wetti management team.

Notably: the working platform for Na wetti magazine offers the following services:

  • Paid spaces to advertise goods and services on the magazine;
  • Models for institutional products and services branding, hostesses for V.I.P parties and events, and fashion design expositions;
  • Web designs, hosting, and other sustainable development consultancy services

With the platform, the users get to provide their full identities and build a family tree to find and connect with their distant relations.
Na-Wetti eh? It’s a world of endless online wonders in progressive development.

Once more, You are Warmly Welcomed to Na Wetti World

Mobile Android App can be Downloaded Here! or directly in MAHSRA Link
You can also preview Social Development with Na Wetti? platforms as an example is on the move. NGO Statement for 54th UN Commision for Social Development. Priority theme: ‘Rethinking and Strengthening Social Development in the Comtemporary World’
Na Wetti eeeh? you can do business on it, date on it, show on it and even find your lost family relations on it. “Na Wetti” means what is happening? It’s around you, it’s for you and it’s your own….
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