MAHSRA Partners with UNESCO Center for Peace


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MAHSRA Signs a Partnership Agreement with UNESCO Center for Peace for the Promotion of Youth Education, Empowerment and Intellectual Exchanges in the New World Leaderships

The CEO of MAHSRA and Executive Director of UNESCO Center for Peace

On May 1st 2015, the Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association represented by its Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kelly NGYAH signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Executive Director Guy Djoken of UNESCO Center for Peace based in Maryland USA and engaged in the fields of Education, Science, Culture and Communication to promote Peace and Understanding among world’s people in general and youth in particular.

During the ceremony that took place in Dschang, the Executive Director of UNESCO Center for Peace, expressed his profound contentment for partnering with a dynamic organization such as MAHSRA and hope that in the future days, MAHSRA could become the Africa Regional representative and much more. Based on the assessments of MAHSRA’s already severally acknowledged works locally, nationally and internationally and at the level of the United Nations Summits and Sustainable Development Platforms, the Executive Director of UNESCO Center of Peace and as well the chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations highlighted the strategic need for partnering with MAHSRA towards their international summer camps and builders of the Universe programs.

On the part of the CEO of MAHSRA, accompanied by Pamela Mungo who is MAHSRA’s 2015 main representative to the United Nations Head Quarters in New York, Pierre Muten the current active F.S. to MAHSRA, and Chemuta Samuel who strongly supports MAHSRA’s activities, Dr. Kelly NGYAH also expressed his profound gratitude for the Executive Director of UNESCO’s Center for Peace’s consideration in partnering with MAHSRA and promised that, MAHSRA will do all within its objective framework to ascertain maximum cooperation in as much as all collaborative platforms are targeted towards the assurance of global peace and sustainable development within youthful capacities and potentials.

MAHSRA and UNESCO Center for Peace

The ceremony ended with the exchange of working documents and family photo shots to commemorate the Cameroon’s national Labour Day in a spirit to promote youthful entrepreneurship, dedication for international collaboration for youthful involvement in global governance perspectives for peace and development through intercultural and UN model youthful leadership mechanisms, and the need to promote national level youthful experience exchanges at high level political policy forums of the United Nations.

…(Archived article)


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