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Online Networking System for Pressing Community Matters

As the search for innovation in project implementation strategies, commitments towards generating and publishing evidence, uniting and strengthening the civil society movements and their technical and/or financial information sources in communities increases, MAHSRA in partnership with ASHPHASE a web designing firm have partnered and brought up new modern strategic online initiatives and a more effective method that will act as a means of uniting the civil society movements and grant donors on direct one on one links with individuals, direct beneficiaries and vulnerable persons/communities.

Or, as properly said by the CEO of MAHSRA “It’s a more appropriate, global and modern move towards Uniting and fostering civil society movements via linking community based actions and ideologies with vulnerable persons, local groups, associations, NGOs, governments and multinational bodies”

The first official project development meeting held on the 30th of January 2011 between the host organization MAHSRA, the web designing firm ASHPHASE, representatives of some local NGOs/Associations/groups, some media men and other supportive individuals came up with the project’s major ideas behind its mission.

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During the over 5 hours long intensive deliberative meeting, it was agreed that the new online community network with a founding name will aim at reaching the local people/communities, sharing real life experiences on actual facts that could possible impact a positive social change, promoting the voices of the vulnerable communities and persons as such to minimize the enormous distances between the grant donors and the direct beneficiaries. Also to propose audiences/third party members, put in place operational/functional strategies and delegate posts of responsibility for its founding members’ and financial dispositions for the site maintenance.

An online community networking system, that happens to be unique in its objectives and nature, the Chief Executive Officer of MAHSRA Kelly F. Ngyah pin pointed out that the community social networking site was not synonymous to a dating site as was in the case of several other online social networking systems. He said that the site is purposely meant create a communication link between civil society movements, persons more at risk in our local communities especially vulnerable women and girls and also to promote tangible social impact change solutions proposed by the site users that are pertaining to the peculiar problems faced  in our communities.

In an era where African societal change projects have been encrypted with selfish esteems and corrupt practices of grantees during their actual project execution/implementation phases, this new online site sharing may just be one more effective way in which grant donors may get to know the actual facts involved in the very roots of the community posed problems and also get to appreciate popular opinions of the real humanitarian actions and their supposed protagonists

The host and the web designer then seized to occasion to delegate all the meeting participants as the social networking ambassadors of the


NGUM Magdalene Suh

Administrative Assistance


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