Why Cherish Charity Works?


You are not alone

Freely giving unconditionally to the unknown person with the thought of helping them brings to you internal peace,

To give some peace as per our own status, our own cognition with our humane peronalities and be in harmony of of existential purpose,

Ethics in truth requires our perception of giving without thinking of receiving something in respect, such portrays a pure hearted love,

Though none is really that pure, we, them and I want to help in our possible ways,

Kindness in thoughts of giving them something from your own fruits is the very divinity within our human living ways,

And when they feel relieved and more secured because of your actions,

They make the most sincere prayers in gratitude to your own spirtual gain,

Feed the children, treat and heal the sick, help the needy: show love,

It is a priestly feeling in the end,

It’s not just about doing charity and having a peaceful mindset,

It’s that special thought to have let them develop, stopping them from ignorant condemnation, and shining the real light of humane brotherhood.

Beloved, choose to care for one another, chose to follow charity.

You Are not Alone

Thing You Should Know?

  •  Let your innerself guide your relieve seeking actions
  • Follow after actions that should stimulate and sustain your internal happiness
  • Always do it for you and not because of others
  • You are born with it, nurture it, use it and attain the elated purposeful existential insights.

Bless You @ MAHSRA World

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