Thank You for Your Donation

Thank You for Your Kind Donation

Dear Cherished Supporter,

The Executive Board of Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabiliation Association (MAHSRA) humbly acknowledges the reception of your current donation and says thank you for your kind donation gesture.

Please feel free to request for activity reports in regards to your donations through our contact page or by sending us a direct email to


Giving is Living , A Choice of Responsibility

Reception in Humility and Gratefulness

MAHSRA is grateful in service to others and most humbled to have you support us materialise such services in our deepest aspirations for assistance to positive humanity.  Thank you again


MAHSRA INCORPORATE is a legally registered incorporation with an authorised and integrated mandate from the non-governmental organisation MAHSRA to collect charity and other donations for certain dedicated activities of the NGO – MAHSRA.



MAHSRA is the home of all positive humanity thinkers and the medium for fostering futuristic and sustainable development initiatives on a global scale with basic foundation roots stemming from local grassroots communities.

* Upraising the Voices of the Marginalized *  Peace – Respect – Health


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